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Hamish Kilgour: Finkelstein

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Although ostensibly based on a fairytale he conceived for his son, the second solo album from Hamish Kilgour is not really one for the bubbas – there’s not a lot in the way of soothing lullabies to ease little ones into sleep.

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Hamish Kilgour returns with new solo album Finklestein

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Hamish Kilgour, co-founder of the seminal Flying Nun outfit The Clean, returns on June 22 with second solo album Finkelstein.

The follow-up to 2014’s All Of It And Nothing, the new LP is produced by Brooklyn indie stalwart Gary Olson (The Ladybug Transistor), with Kilgour playing most of the instruments.

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Album Review: The Clean

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Never ones to do things conventionally, the legendary Flying Nun trio didn’t actually get around to issuing this, their debut album, until 1990, eight years or so after their incendiary first EPs and singles.

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Robert Scott interview: 30 years of Flying Nun Records

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“It does seem a lifetime a go,” muses Robert Scott when thinking back to the launch of Flying Nun Records 30 years ago. It’s not surprising really because he has been there from virtually day one.

As a member of The Clean, he was on board for the label’s second release, the 1981 single ‘Tally Ho’, while The Bats, the band he formed the following year, was also one of mainstays of Flying Nun throughout the 1980s and 90s. Add to that assorted side-projects like The Magick Heads and The Weeds, Scott’s career has long been entwined with the pioneering indie.

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