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New video from Sassafrass!

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Tami Neilson has shared a new video from her hit album Sassafrass! as she gears up for her national tour.

The clip for ‘Devil In A Dress’ was directed by Anna Duckworth and and features Kiwi dance duo The O’Neill Twins, who also choreographed it. Brooke and Starce O’Neill also featured in the video for the first single to be released from Sassafrass!, ‘Stay Outta My Business’.

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Tami Neilson: Sassafrass!

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The last album from Tami Neilson, Don’t Be Afraid, plotted her journey through the various stages of grief following the death of her father Ron. Family matters still have their place on Sassafrass!, but her new LP is also fuelled by a righteous sense of anger over the prejudices and injustices women continue to face.

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Tami Neilson on ‘insidious’ sexism

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Sexist behaviour persists in the music industry, but it tends more insidious than outright sexual misconduct. That’s the view of Tami Neilson, whose latest album Sassafrass! – out on June 1 – is heavily focused on female inequality.

The singer-songwriter told NZ Music Business that while she had never been a victim of sexual misconduct, she believes that sexist attitudes remain in the business.

“I think sexism and misogyny is a much more insidious thing,” she says. “For women in the music industry, it’s lost opportunities, it’s being passed over or other people taking credit for your work and that being very accepted. It’s the look of shock when someone says ‘oh, you wrote that song all by yourself?’

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Tami Neilson’s got soul!

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‘Stay Outta My Business’, the first single from the highly anticipated new album from Tami Neilson, indicates that her latest will be a more soulful outing.

Sassafrass! is due on June 1 via Southbound and the word from her camp is that it will place a heavier emphasis on soul and R&B. While Neilson is no abandoning her trademark country and rockabilly roots, ‘Stay Outta My Business’ is an out-and-out soul stomper that should see her further expand her retro roots fanbase.

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