Album Review: Seth Haapu

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With his sweet soul falsetto, you would be forgiven for thinking Seth Haapu is the latest addition to the burgeoning ranks of local R’n’B artists.

However, the young Wanganui-born singer-songwriter follows a much more adventurous path on his self-titled debut album, which was recorded at Roundhead Studios with local luminaries like Godfrey De Grut (Che Fu), Nick Gaffaney (Golden Horse) and Chip Matthews (Opensouls). He’s at his best on the infectious retro soul stomp of ‘Trashing My Heart’ and ‘Stereotype’, although the ornate chamber music whimsy of ‘Bones’ and the perky 60s flavoured-pop of ‘Owe You Are Nothing’ and ‘Final Destination’ are other standouts. A pleasingly eclectic debut.

Seth Haapu
Seth Haapu
Sony Music
Release Date: 26/08/11