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The Others Way: Vincent H.L.

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Weird Days is the suitably named solo album from Vincent H.L. – aka Vincent Lum – best known for his work with Auckland bands such as Whipping Cats, Magic Factory and Hang Loose.

Described as the “psych country soundtrack to your tramadol nightmares”, he can’t wait to share it with audiences at The Others Way.

Have you been pleased with the way the new album has been received and are you looking forward to playing it live?

Yeah I’m really pleased, it seems like people really dig it, which is cool. I love playing the stuff too so I’m pretty keen on shredding it live.

Will you be trying out some new material?

I’ll be playing my whole album except for one song, I’d like to try out a new song, and maybe a cover of another Auckland band, I reckon people should do more covers of other local bands. Like they did in the 60’s garage scene.

Have you been to Others Way Festival – either as a performer or punter – before?

I played with Hang Loose last year, it was a rad time! Good energy all around the place. All Seeing Hand was definitely a highlight.

What other artists are you most looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Jeez, I dunno, there’s a lot of names I haven’t heard before, I’m looking forward to seeing new shit. Just wandering round checking stuff out.

It reminded me a little of The Gun Club in places – are you a fan?

Ha ha! You’re not the first person to say that, I got told that a bit back when I was doing Whipping Cats. I honestly hadn’t heard of them before Chelsea [Nikkel] pointed it out to me – I think it’s the tone of my voice, I just open my mouth and that’s the sound that comes out. Fire of Love is a good album though…

You’ve been quite a few bands over the years – what are the main challenges in flying solo?

Having to do stuff all the time, ha! With the other bands it’s more of a team effort like [James] Dansey will handle the recording or Straton [Heron] will sort out a place to stay in Wellington or whatever. It’s cool having more creative control, but all the action has to come from yourself. I think I need a manager is what I’m saying!

Would you like see festivals like The Others Way staged in other cities?

Yeah! Do they do something like it in Wellington? I feel like you could have a good street party up Cuba Street.

Auckland has lost some iconic music venues this year – has that affected you and what needs to happen to rejuvenate the live scene?

Hmmm, this is gonna sound a bit controversial, but I don’t think the King’s Arms is really a great loss – it had run it’s course a bit I think. I was sadder when Eden’s Bar closed down, I used to go there way more, and I used to play there all the time. It was a way more accessible place and I felt like I was a lot more of a part of it. I don’t think there’s a single answer for it. I reckon more diverse shows would be good for a start. Like electronic artists playing the same bill as a country rock band or something, to bring the different scenes together.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I need to get off my ass and book some shows down south –I’d like to get overseas too, I’ve started recording demos for the next thing, gotta keep it rolling man!

I really enjoyed the Hang Loose show at Wine Cellar a few weeks back – any recording plans for the band?

I can neither confirm or deny that we are sitting on an album that is basically finished…


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