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The Others Way: Carb On Carb

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The first single from Carb On Carb’s second album For Ages was entitled ‘It’s Been A Rough Year’. But in real-life it has been anything but for Aucklanders James Stuteley and Nicole Gaffney.

On the eve of their appearance at The Others Way, Stuteley talks about their recent overseas travels and why they are looking forward to a bit of a break.

Have you been pleased with the response to For Ages?

Yeah! To be honest we were anxious about it coming up to the release date, but as soon as we put it out a bunch of friends messaged us saying the loved it and it made them cry, so we knew then that achieved what we wanted. Making the charts was also a highlight.

You’ve been touring pretty solidly since it came out – will The Others Way be your last live show for a while?

It will actually. We just played our last shows of the Australasian tour a couple of weeks ago, and we were working frantically in the lead up to the album, so we’ll have at least a couple months off before we start working towards northern hemisphere tours and writing new music!

Bailterspace were a really huge band to me as a teenager and I think they are one of NZ’s best ever bands

What’s the biggest differences between audiences here and overseas?

New Zealanders are usually chill, Australians love to heckle and have a conversation. Probably the rowdiest show we’ve ever played was in China where they were crowdsurfing with about six people!

Have you been to The Others Way Festival before– either as a performer or punter? If so, what’s been the highlight for you so far?

We played The Others Way in 2015 after our first album came out, and I actually worked as a stage manager in 2016. My highlights were seeing Street Chant play to a packed Galatos and seeing Courtney Hate play at the very start of the festival which is something great about this festival.

What can fans expect from your set this year – will you be trying out some new material?

Can expect mostly songs from For Ages and a few earlier favourites. Writing new material starts after The Others Way!

Would you like see similar events to The Others Way staged in other cities?

Yes! I like the format of The Others Way because – as someone who has run festivals myself – it provides the festival experience without the hassle of location permits and equipment hire. Meaning it can be really sustainable and become an institution!
Auckland has lost some iconic music venues this year – has that affected you and what needs to happen to rejuvenate the live scene?

Yeah, it was sad to see Golden Dawn go – we played a lot there and they just treated bands so well. My two cents is that central Auckland needs a council funded all ages venue in the vein of The Stomach in Palmerston North. That place nurtures a consistent output of energised young bands and fans who go on to be active in the music industry opening venues and the like, as well as providing a sustainable place to play that is separated from the financial and social pressures of bars.

What other artists are you most looking forward to seeing at the festival?

No. 1 is definitely Bailterspace. They were a really huge band to me as a teenager and I think they are one of NZ’s best ever bands. Also keen to see Wax Chattels again after their US tour – bands are always much tighter and refined after a big tour.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We have music videos in the works and an acoustic single! Otherwise, we’re mainly planning towards a northern hemisphere tour next year and writing some new music.


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